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The FUN of boating is significantly enhanced if you have the knowledge, skills and equipment to do it safely. Whether you are new to boating or a seasoned boater, the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) has plenty of videos, courses and online resources for boaters of all stripes to share and learn from. Whether you want information on general boating tips or boating techniques, how to get started in boating or safety information to help you boat better, the CSBC is your ‘go-to place’ for it all.

Visit www.csbc.ca

Here is just a small sample of the resources the CSBC has to offer.

Weather To Boat – The FREE Weather to Boat App is a boater’s one-stop shop for boating information. In addition to up-to-date marine and local ‘city’ weather forecasts, Weather to Boat also provides lots of information that will help boaters enjoy their boating experience even more. Review the Rules of the Road, check on the legally required safety equipment for a particular vessel or review the pre-departure checklists to ensure everything is ‘ship-shape’ before heading out on the water. For on water reference, there is a comprehensive, geo-referenced list of marinas and boat launches close to where the boater is, or they can be accessed by location to find a new lake or river to visit. Boaters can file an electronic trip/sail plan with emergency contact alerting. They will be able to save the key information about their boat(s), emergency contacts and details on their usual crew members including themselves to make each new trip/sail plan filing quick and easy. Weather to Boat is also loaded with boating safety tips and videos to enhance the boater’s knowledge.

The Weather To Boat app is available to download for FREE in the app stores. Download today!!
For more information visit www.weathertoboat.ca

STARTBoating – Many boaters start out their boating life in small boats; Kayaks, Canoes, Stand UP Paddle Boards and small open powerboats. If you are new to boating or would like a refresher of your boating skills and safety information geared to your specific small craft, the online course STARTBoating is a great place for you to start. Centering around a story about a day on the water in each specific craft, STARTBoating allows you to pause and branch off to learn more about a large variety of skills, procedures and safety information geared for that specific vessel. And it’s available in English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Tagalog. If you are thinking about getting on the water and starting with one of the smaller, economical boats, STARTBoating is your perfect place to start. Visit www.startboating.ca

BetterBoater – Do you know the basics to safely enjoy boating and be better prepared for fun adventures on the water? Whether you are new to boating or a seasoned boater, BetterBoater, an online interactive safe boating resource. has information for the entire boating community to enjoy and learn from. Whether it be safety tips, general boating skills or information about boating techniques, a visit to BetterBoater can help make you…a better boater. The information is delivered via sharable short informative videos and downloadable resources. Got a boating safety question? We have the answers on BetterBoater Q and Ehs’. Plus, this year we invite you to share your own boating experiences to help others. Want to be a BetterBoater? Visit us at www.betterboater.ca

Enjoy Boating – if you want to ‘dive deep’ into boating safety and boating techniques, Enjoy Boating is for you. It focuses on several of the Canadian Safe Boating Council’s key safety messages of Wear Your Lifejacket, Boat Sober, Be Prepared and Be Aware of Cold-water Risks, and there are even some boating tips for dealing with COVID-19. Enjoy Boating provides plenty of in-depth information about each topic with a variety of videos on each topic. Plus, get your cellphone ready and enjoy an immersive interactive Augmented Reality experience of each topic, challenging your boating knowledge. Visit www.enjoyboating.ca

Being part of the boating community means knowing and following good etiquette; traditions that, over generations, have become the unwritten rules of the road. Just like being on land, we need to be good neighbours; help others when they need it, tidy up after ourselves, and be respectful to the people and environment around us.

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

The more knowledge you have, the more enjoyable boating becomes!

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) is a national boating organization offering courses and seminars for recreational boaters, including the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) and the Maritime Radio Course to obtain your VHF Radio Licence. Our boatingcourses.ca site offers our online Pleasure Craft Operator Card course and links to our numerous courses that build from the basic courses required by law to what you’d want to know to cross the ocean. These courses are available online by self-study or taught in instructor led virtual classes/classrooms courses. Our PCOC card program is the only Canadian issued card that qualifies for acceptance by the US Coast Guard. Generations of volunteers have been sharing their experience on the water with new and seasoned boaters, helping them prepare for both everyday and emergency situations.

Boating Courses: www.boatingcourses.ca

We are Drivers’ Ed for Ontario’s boat owners!

BoaterSkills.ca instructors are available all season to bring private instruction to you and your crew. Our 3-hour clinics include essential docking and close quarters maneuvering skills for power or sail.

Customize your personal clinic to include anchoring instruction, boating safety, sail trim for sailors, and much more.

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Register today at www.boaterskills.ca for ROC-M radio, Toronto Harbour Permit, and Red Cross Marine Basic First Aid (recognized by Transport Canada).

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